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Difference Between $200 and $20 Pair of Running Shoes

between $20 and $200 pair of shoes
Everybody wants a bargain but it is important to also know that you should not trade off quality, durability with price. You cannot compare the quality and the engineering in a running shoe above $200 with that running shoe which is $50. This article explains the difference and also what to look out for in a quality running shoe

Can I Wear Running Shoes for Gym?

can i wear running shoes for the gym
Sometimes you just want to wear your running shoes to the gym. It's comfortable, fits just right with your gym bag, you're basically slipping into your sneakers. But is it a really good idea to wear running shoes for the gym?

Choosing Running Shoes for Beginners: How To Guide

Choosing Running Shoes for Beginners
I bet that you’ve landed on this article because you are looking for that all-important advice on how to pick your first pair of running shoes. Well, there are many things you must consider before getting your first pair of running shoes. And even though every runner has his or her own preferences and styles, I shall try to simplify everything so that even if yours are absolute beginner shoes, you will feel confident about your purchase.