Men’s UA HOVR™ Sonic 4 Running Shoes Review
  1. Men’s UA HOVR™ Sonic 4 Running Shoes Review

Men’s UA HOVR™ Sonic 4 Review

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When it comes to my athletic shoes, comfort is as important as the style. That’s why I’m a huge fan of Under Armor’s HOVR Sonic running shoes. Sure, they look great, but they feel even better. The latest pair of running shoes from Under Armor give me a great mixture of cushioning, stability and a great fit. This is a review of Under Armor’s HOVR Sonic running shoes for men.

  • Fit: True to size:
  • Weight: 281g:
  • Offset: 8mm:
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Durable outsole
  • Versatile
  • Lacks structure
  • Not for long distances

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This is a great shoe for the everyday athlete looking to increase their mileage. One of the lightest shoes in the brand’s lineup, this shoe has a very short break-in time and can be worn for just about any distance. Runners will appreciate the shoe’s speed and performance that allow them to get far without getting tired or sore. We also think runners of all abilities will find the comfortable fit of this sneaker, we keep coming back month after month!

UA HOVR™ Sonic 4 Running Shoes

HOVR™ Sonic 4 Upper

UA’s Sonic had an upper that fit my foot perfectly. The engineered mesh was breathable without impeding or restricting any foot movement. The heel counter is a perfect example of functionality versus physically restraining the foot – it’s firm without causing hot spots thanks to the plush liner and smart consideration to have it placed on the outer layer instead of being built into the shoe’s internal construction.

One more thing with the Sonics: Thanks to the female-specific last for the Sonic 4, there is a shorter instep curve that accommodates a woman’s foot. This change is coming from some companies as they pay greater attention to their female users’ experience and it’s definitely appreciated!

HOVR™ Sonic 4 Midsole

The HOVR Sonic midsole is designed to feel firm underfoot, but that’s because the speed trainer was made to provide multiple benefits. Of course, one of the shoe’s many standout features is its low-to-the-ground feel. This makes it ideal for wearing on shorter intervals (400m to 1K repeats) rather than during steady runs at any distance over three miles.

Like all UA shoes, the Sonic is fully connected. This makes it easier for runners to track running metrics like cadence and stride length without having to carry an extra device with them while they run. With this data, UA will suggest cues to improve form through the MapMyRun app.

HOVR™ Sonic 4 Outsole

The Sonic’s outsole consists of a combination of carbon and blown rubber, making the shoe incredibly lightweight and durable. On wet and snowy roads, we found that these characteristics made for a highly effective speed-producing shoe, and also made it a great choice for treadmills with short and slippery rails during rainy winter days.

HOVR™ Sonic 4 Final thoughts

The shoe definitely let me push my pace. I felt much more confident in my strides when racing against other runners, and I noticed that when it came to running hard for a longer period of time or distance, the shoe performed quite admirably. It’s very lightweight, which was a nice benefit while outpacing my fellow runners on the track. As far as style goes, nobody could really fault you and there were no issues concerning comfort because the firm foam underneath gave me just the right amount of support and kept me feeling fresh throughout long runs. For all these reasons, I think this is a great shoe for someone looking for multiple uses out of their one pair of shoes – whether that be training or racing on either tan or turf surfaces!

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